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Horses are our partners. And we want to protect ourselves by making sure their wellbeing is taken care of, but also that the transaction is a secure one.

Buyers place pure trust in the seller (or dealer) of horses, and now Equiyd is here to ensure that every step of the transaction is recorded for transparency and the ultimate protection: from validating the horse details, to vetting records and secure payments.

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man riding a horse
man riding a horse
A close up of a horse's head and bridle.
A woman in riding gear standing next to a brown horse.
man riding a horse
A woman standing next to a brown horse.

How does it work?


Tell the seller you wish to purchase safely via Equiyd


The seller verifies and creates the horse profile


You (the buyer) also verify and start the purchase process


Follow the easy steps to pay your secure deposit and connect with certified vets


Pay the final balance securely and enjoy your horse


Equiyd protects all parties by promoting full fairness and transparency with every transaction.

No longer will you have to pay unsecured deposits or leave yourself (and your money) vulnerable. There’ll be no fighting to get your deposit back if the vetting fails either.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I insist the seller uses the Equiyd platform for my transaction?


Do I need to use the vetting feature? I’m OK with not having a vetting.


Do I have to use Equiyd's payment service for transactions?

Got a question you can’t see here?
Email us and we’ll get back to you.

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