The future of safer horse transactions

We’re transforming the way horses are bought and sold with transparent horse history, digital vetting records, secure payment solutions and comprehensive insurance support.

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Why should you buy or sell your horse through Equiyd?

Protect your next horse purchase in three easy steps: check, vet and pay


We check and authenticate everyone in the purchase process - the buyer, seller and the horse - so you can be confident that all the paperwork, personal details and the horse history stack up.

Our competition record verification also gives you a piece of mind that the horse has the ability to perform the way you want it to.



Arrange a vetting and create a digital vetting history. Equiyd keeps all parties in the loop to make sure the purchase goes without a hitch and vetting documents are visible to all parties for transparency.

Don’t want a vetting? No problem. Simply skip this step and move onto secure payments.



Traditional payments offer little protection, but now with Equiyd, you’ll have a secure payment facility for both the deposit and full balance payments. And it’s only released once all parties are happy.


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