Buying a horse is a big investment in time and money

Make sure the horse is right for your level, right for your needs and your money is protected

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about buying a horse

From happy hackers to serious competition horses - buyers often have no option but to trust what they’re told from horse dealers and sellers, leaving them open to being mis-sold a horse that isn’t right for them.

Whether you’re buying a horse for the first time or the tenth time, Equiyd’s check, vet and pay features offer you the ultimate protection when buying your next horse.

Frequently asked

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How does Equiyd handle my personal data?

Ensuring the safety and compliance of your personal information and of your horse is our top priority.

Your personal information is kept secure and out of public view.  Vetting data, and sensitive information on individual horse profiles, is only made available by request, and only when it is granted by the seller.

Equiyd is fully registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), demonstrating our commitment to upholding the highest standards of data protection and privacy. For full information visit our privacy policy.

How are payments handled by Equiyd?

Our platform ensures that all payments are secure, and are only released to the seller when the transaction is completed and the horse is accepted by the buyer.

Our partnership with SPUKL Ltd (an FCA regulated business) ensures that both buyer and seller identities are checked, and that all payments through our platform are both safe and  secure.

For further information please visit our Terms & Conditions.

What costs are involved?

Creating an account and adding a horse profile is completely free for both buyers and sellers on Equiyd.

Buyers are charged a fee of 1% of the full purchase of the horse, and this is only released to the seller when the buyer has accepted the horse.  Where a deposit is paid to secure the horse, then a separate fee of 5% is levied on this payment.

When it comes to paying for your new horse, buyers are charged a 1% transaction fee on the final balance and 5% on the deposit. This fee supports our secure payment processing, ensuring that every transaction is safe and compliant.

We negate any banking charges for foreign currency transactions, and are able to offer lower transaction fees than other generic payment platforms.

Got a question you can’t see here?
Email us and we’ll get back to you.

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